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Our goal is to partner with clients to provide them with the service solution required to meet their business needs & provide them following benefits of dealing with a local IT person:

  • reduced call out costs
  • faster turnaround times
  • benefit of close working relationship with your IT technician
  • access to quality parts & workshop/tools as & when required

IT industry is dynamic & to keep pace with its changes, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge & skills which helps us in adapting to the challenges presented by the increased demand for specialist services & future technologies.

We have experience in developing and supporting IT solutions for small to medium enterprises in a variety of industries including Hospitality, Retail, Finance, Security, Fitness & Entertainment. 

Our specific areas of expertise are:

  • IT Consulting Services – Maximizing the value of your IT investment by assisting you to realise your business goals.
  • Web Design – Building websites that not only look professional but can also grow as your business grows. Our websites are modular so we can integrate additional modules to it as the business requirements change without having to redo the whole site. We also Content Management System access to the users so they can do basic updates to the site. This makes our website solutions cost effective & long term.
  • CRM Development – The biggest challenge facing many small business owners today is not purely in generating business but in ensuring that you remain in regular contact with your customers & don’t miss the opportunity of repeat/referral business. Our highly customizable CRM software can help you remain “in-touch”.
  • Custom Business Application – Using appropriate “Open Source Technologies”, we can develop a business application for your specific need. Thereby providing you a low cost & reliable application without the cost of licenced software(s). Our experience with open source helps in choosing only those technologies which are mature & reliable.
  • Desktop PC & Notebooks – Giving your team reliable and appropriate tools to perform their job can really improve your bottom line.  We supply both new and refurbished equipment to suit your requirements.
  • Network Design & Support – We can design, deploy and manage a high-quality network to support your business, yielding the kind of reliability and returns you expect.
  • Network Infrastructure – Solutions are only as strong as the component used, so we constantly update our skills in the areas of:
    • Routers
    • Modems
    • Firewalls
    • Network switches and hubs
    • Network printers
    • Wireless access points
    • Wireless client access devices

When we visit your business for the first time we are interested in finding out about your:

  • Operating System
  • Internal Network Cabling
  • Data Backup
  • Database Maintenance
  • Power Protection
  • Internet Connection

 We can even perform an audit of your existing systems to provide you with a plan of action to bring your business hardware capabilities up to a uniform level.